Gardening Gurus offers a wide variety of gardening and softscaping services for your home or business. Our main services include but are not limited to the following:

Maintenance – We will keep your garden beds beautiful all season long! We will come as often as you need to keep the beds in pristine condition. Services include but are not limited to: Weeding, pruning, cultivating, edging, dead-heading, and staking, while keeping an eye out for common garden pests and fungus!

Spring and Fall Clean up – At these times of year all gardens need a little extra TLC. We are there to protect all of your perennials and shrubs and to ensure they keep coming back year after year. Performing these seasonal clean ups also reduce the maintenance time required throughout the season.

Container Gardening – Are you looking for that amazing curb appeal that catches the eye? Container gardens are an excellent way to do that. We can fill them with colourful annuals that will look great all season long or we can use beautiful perennials that can be transplanted into the garden before winter comes around. We will work with you to determine what colours and styles will look amazing for your property!

Garden Design – Tired of seeing gardens around the city with the same plant compositions? Well we can help! There are a wide variety of plants that do well in our climate, why limit yourself? Shady area? Fantastic! Hot sun and extremely dry? No problem. We can design a garden that incorporates complex layering, a wide use of colour and will be beautiful all year!

Soil Amendments – Are your plants not looking their best? If your plants seem unhappy or are not expanding to meet their full potential this could likely be a soil issue. To keep plants healthy the best thing you can do is make sure the soil is healthy. Continuous fertilization should not be a requirement! We use organic soils and compost to keep the plants happy in your garden!

Bark Mulch – Bark mulch is a wonderful addition to many gardens. It looks nice, keeps weeds down, and keeps the soil moist and fertilized. There are a wide variety of mulches to choose from. We require a minimum two days notice for all deliveries and can have it spread throughout the garden the same day as delivery.


Other services that we offer include the following:

1) Consultations regarding plant care and curb appeal
2) Assistance picking customized plants for your yard at the garden centers
3) Special event planning to make gardens and planters ready for the occasion
4) Watering and care of the garden while you are on vacation

Gardening Guru’s Services Gardens in Calgary and Surrounding Area. Contact us today for a consultation!